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ISLAMABAD: Ombudsman institutions from member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) gathered in Pakistan for the 10th Board of Directors’ Meeting, showcasing unity and collaboration in addressing shared challenges.
Representatives from OIC nations, including Turkiye, Bahrain, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, and Bulgaria, actively participated in events hosted by Pakistan on Monday.

During a media interaction, President Seref Malkov of the OIC Ombudsman Association expressed the association’s commitment to expanding its membership and collectively combating human rights violations prevalent across Muslim countries.
The Secretary General of Ombudsman of the Ministry of Interior Bahrain, Gada Hameed, emphasized that the OICOA has successfully united Muslim countries in the fight against the common issues of maladministration and human rights violations.
Mediator Mohammed Benalolou of the Kingdom of Morocco highlighted the positive impact of OICOA meetings, stating that they contribute to the strengthening of good governance among Muslim nations.
Human Rights Commissioner for Azerbaijan, Sabina Aliyeva, stressed the need to fortify the concept of ombudsmanship.

She acknowledged that regular OICOA meetings provide member countries with a platform to exchange ideas for better governance.
General Secretary of OICOA, Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah, condemned the brutalities of Israel against Muslims, emphasizing the forum’s role in enhancing collaboration among member nations.
Executive Secretary of OICOA, Almas Jovindah, stated that the 10th meeting aims to enhance the capacity of member countries and extend membership to additional Muslim nations, further strengthening the collective efforts for just and rights-focused governance.
The OIC Ombudsman Association remains dedicated to fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and collectively addressing challenges faced by member countries in the pursuit of human rights and good governance.
The OIC Ombudsman Association is a collaborative platform of Ombudsman institutions from member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Dedicated to upholding human rights and promoting good governance, the association fosters cooperation and exchange of ideas among its diverse members.

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