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The Organization of Islamic Cooperation Ombudsman Association (OICOA) initiated an International Exchange Based Internship Program for the interns placed across the OICOA Member Institutions.
The foundation of this program was laid in the 9th OICOA Board Meeting and 3rd General Assembly Meeting held in Turkiye in October 2023 and was finalized in the 10th OICOA Board Meeting held in Pakistan in January 2024. This program aims to promote intercultural comprehension and enhance the professional growth of young interns among its member institutions. This innovative program seeks to provide young professionals with an opportunity to acquire expertise, exchange knowledge and best practices of ombudsmanship, and even more importantly establish enduring connections across OICOA Member Institutions.
OICOA plans to expand this internship program to include more member states in the coming years. By doing so, it aims to create a larger, more interconnected network of ombudsman professionals dedicated to improving governance and upholding justice.


Professional Development

Interns participating in the OICOA International Internship Program will receive hands-on training and mentorship from experienced ombudsmen and senior staff. This practical experience is designed to enhance their understanding of varied areas in operation of an ombudsman office including dispute resolution, administrative fairness, public accountability, and advancement & protection of human rights.

Cultural Exchange

The program provides a unique opportunity for cultural exchange, allowing interns to immerse themselves in different cultural environments when they get to live with families of the staff at Ombudsman Offices during their duration of stay. This exposure promotes mutual respect and understanding of cultures, which are essential for effective international cooperation, and strengthening bonds of the Muslim community of OIC countries and embracing their cultural nuances.

Knowledge Sharing

Through this program, OICOA member institutions can share their best practices in ombudsmanship alongwith their innovative approaches and successful strategies to tackle the complaints of aggrieved citizens. When the interns will return back to their countries, a detailed report of their observations and learnings will play an instrumental role in elevating the standards of ombudsman services across all OICOA Member Institutions.

Networking Opportunities

Through this program, not only the interns but OICOA Member Institutions will also have the chance to build professional networks with their ombudsman peers from other countries. These connections can lead to future collaborations and continued professional support across the network of OIC Ombudsmen.