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Under the distinguished leadership of Provincial Ombudsman of Punjab and Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman member, Major Azam Suleman Khan (R), a significant disbursement totaling Rs 7.558 million was given to 53 recipients which encompassed educational scholarships, farewell grants, death grants, monthly grants, and marriage grants, which is reflective of a comprehensive approach of the Office of Ombudsman of Punjab to welfare and support of the citizens.

In adherence to the Ombudsman’s directives, relief was judiciously extended to petitioners across various districts of Punjab, resulting in an effective resolution of cases that had been pending for numerous reasons.

The office’s spokesperson, in a statement to the media on Sunday, highlighted the Ombudsman’s office’s pivotal role in supporting the families of deceased government employees. This support entailed the timely payment of farewell grants, death grants, monthly grants, and marriage grants, underscoring a commitment to easing the financial burdens faced by these families.

Moreover, the initiative saw the provision of educational grants amounting to Rs. 852,000 to 22 deserving citizens. This gesture has garnered widespread commendation for Ombudsman Punjab Azam Suleman Khan, whose effective intervention has not only addressed but also resolved the concerns of many, embodying a profound dedication to public service and welfare.