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In a pivotal meeting held at the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat for Protection Against Harassment at Workplace (FOSPAH) in Islamabad, Federal Ombudsperson for Protection Against Harassment at Workplace and Member of Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman, H.E Fauzia Viqar, briefed the Honorable President of Pakistan H.E Dr. Arif Alvi on the critical work and achievements of FOSPAH. The meeting underscored FOSPAH’s relentless efforts in safeguarding women’s rights and addressing harassment and property disputes.

Ms. Viqar provided an insightful presentation that shed light on the substantial progress FOSPAH has made under her leadership in delivering swift justice for women aggrieved by workplace harassment and property rights violations. She detailed the registration and resolution of 725 harassment cases in 2023, with 517 of those cases reaching a conclusion. This marked success was attributed to an effective awareness campaign that significantly increased the visibility and understanding of FOSPAH’s role and functions among the public.

During the meeting, President Alvi expressed his strong support for enhancing the status of women in society, emphasizing the need for legislative measures to protect women’s property rights and to create an enabling work environment for their increased economic participation. He acknowledged the significant contributions of FOSPAH and praised her leadership for steering the organization towards achieving its goals.

Highlighting the pervasive issues of harassment and denial of property rights to women in Pakistan, Viqar informed President Alvi of the challenges women face and the proactive measures FOSPAH has implemented to combat these issues. She emphasized the importance of FOSPAH’s role in providing a critical platform for women to seek justice and support in times of need.

Ms. Viqar’s briefing also covered the substantial support from President Alvi, noting that out of 208 representations filed against FOSPAH’s decisions, the majority had been decisively resolved, with only a small number remaining under process. This exemplified the effective collaboration between the President’s office and FOSPAH in ensuring justice and support for women across Pakistan.

The visit of President at FOSPAH’s office underscored the ongoing need for legislative and systemic reforms to fully safeguard women’s economic participation and protect them from harassment. Both Ms. Viqar and President Alvi expressed their dedication to driving these necessary changes, signaling their commitment to building a Pakistan where gender equality is a foundational principle.