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Under the capable leadership of Federal Insurance Ombudsman of Pakistan and member of Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman, H.E Dr. Muhammad Khawar Jameel, the office of Federal Insurance Ombudsman (FIO) has demonstrated exceptional performance.

The 4th Annual National Conference highlighted the FIO’s progress in streamlining complaint redressal mechanisms within the insurance sector. Dr. Jameel emphasized the FIO’s focus on timely resolutions, notably its commitment to a 60-day complaint resolution period. This dedication has enhanced operational efficiency and fostered public confidence in the FIO.

This conference highlighted that FIO registered 5,736 complaints in the past year, with 5,017 resolved. This resulted in the disbursement of 2.73 billion rupees in relief to complainants, demonstrating the FIO’s positive impact on the lives of citizens of Pakistan including businessmen and insurance policy holders.

Dr. Jameel also stressed upon the importance of educating public regarding the initiatives and role of FIO and briefed that his staff has been arranging such educational campaigns across Pakistan. These campaigns have significantly increased awareness of rights and complaint procedures, contributing to a notable rise in registered complaints (up from 4,740 the previous year).

Additionally, Dr. Jameel has implemented a zero-tolerance policy toward insurance mis-selling of insurance and stressed upon upholding consumer protection. He is also exploring the expansion of regional offices to further enhance the FIO’s public accessibility.

The 4th Annual National Conference highlights the office of FIO’s transformation under the exemplary leadership of Dr. Khawar Jameel. Through swift complaint resolution, proactive public education, and a staunch stance against industry misconduct, the FIO has become a trusted advocate for consumers. These efforts have empowered individuals and businesses, fostering a climate of confidence within Pakistan’s insurance sector.