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The Deputy Inspector General of OICOA Member Institute ‘IGG of Uganda’, Dr. Patricia Achan Okiria, has declared that government leaders who return unspent funds to the Consolidated Fund will face arrest. This announcement highlights the IGG’s efforts to tackle inefficiency and potential corruption within public institutions.

Dr. Okiria explained that the practice of returning allocated funds suggests that these resources are not being effectively utilized for their intended purposes. Such actions, she emphasized, reflect poorly on the management capabilities of the institutions involved. As part of measures to enhance accountability and ensure proper use of government resources, the IGG’s office will interdict and prosecute leaders who fail to absorb their allocated budgets.

This initiative is seen as a move to deter the misuse of government resources and to encourage better financial management and planning among public sector leaders. By taking a firm stance against the return of unspent funds, the IGG aims to promote efficiency and transparency within government operations.