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Almas Ali Jovindah

Executive Secretary (FPO), Legal Advisor Federal Tax Ombudsman

Mr. Almas Ali Jovindah is a prominent legal professional who holds a wealth of experience in various domains of law. With his current position as Advisor (Legal) at Federal Tax Ombudsman, Mr. Jovindah brings a strategic and analytical mindset to the table, offering valuable insights and guidance in the realm of tax laws and regulations to extenuate tax-payers’ grievances.
Mr. Jovindah is also a Partner at Dejure Law Chambers, a prominent law firm that specializes in corporate and commercial law. His deep expertise in this area, coupled with his exceptional interpersonal skills, make him a valuable asset to the firm and its clients.
Mr. Jovindah also holds the position of Executive Secretary for both OIC Ombudsman Association and the Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman.
Furthermore, Mr. Jovindah is the President of the Cyber Legal Arm, where he actively works towards creating awareness about cyber laws and cyber security, advocating for the protection of individual rights and privacy in the digital age.
As the President of the Pakistan Society for Peace Mr. Jovindah is deeply committed to promoting harmony and understanding between different communities, working tirelessly towards building a more inclusive and equitable society.
Almas Ali Jovindah is a legal luminary who has made significant contributions in his professional and personal endeavors. His dedication, knowledge, and commitment to the betterment of society make him an inspiration to all who know him.