In pursuance of a pronouncement in the 39th Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), held in Djibouti on 15 -17th November, 2012, a Conference on “Networking of Ombudsmen in the OIC Member States" was held on 28 - 29th April, 2014 in Islamabad (Pakistan). The theme of the Conference was “Strengthening the Institution of Ombudsmen in OIC Member States by sharing Knowledge, Experience and Ideas”. The Conference was attended by delegates from 23 OIC Member States. At the concluding session of the Conference, Islamabad Declaration was adopted unanimously wherein it was decided to establish the OIC Ombudsmen Association (OICOA) with its Secretariat at Islamabad. The Association was envisioned to develop capacity of Ombudsmen personnel in all OIC Member States by devising training programs tailored to their specific needs and exchange of information relevant to all aspects of Ombudsman’s operations. It was also resolved to promote this Institution, through this forum, in the countries where Ombudsman Institution does not exist so far. The Secretary of the OICOA alongwith nucleus staff for the Secretariat have been appointed and the Secretariat, at present, is working on preparation of drafts of Constitution, By-laws and Rules of the Association, in consultation with the members of the Steering Committee constituted for the purpose.
As envisaged in the Islamabad Declaration, there shall be a General Assembly consisting of all member Ombudsmen of the Association. Similarly, a Steering Committee comprising Members of the Association from Guinea, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Morocco, Niger, Sudan, Pakistan and Turkey will draft Constitution, by-laws, rules and procedure to govern the business of the Association. President of the Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman will chair the Steering Committee and take necessary measures for its functioning and of the Secretariat. The Steering Committee will finalize its report within one year of this Conference session.
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